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Create a Better Society
With Our Existence

We are dedicated to helping people escape poverty and live better
lives through our professional endeavours. Since it was established in 1997, the
Country Garden Group and its founder have in aggregate donated approximately
RMB 1Bn to charitable organizations and poverty-stricken schools.

Country Garden Australia is determined to fulfill the group's ethos and traditions
by thoughtfully dedicating resources and energy to four Key Spheres:


  • Actively participate in charitable activities and have been successfully supporting individuals, families and communities to lead harmonious lives since 1997
  • Build bridges to improve multi-cultural and inter-generational communication to make sure knowledge, skills, wealth, happiness and love can be passed on
  • Are committed to drastically decreasing the company's impact on the environment through constantly reviewing and implementing sustainable business and environmental practices
  • Are dedicated to helping people live a life free of poverty by providing education and career opportunities for people in need
  • Support research in the property development industry

& Social Care

Community & Social care

Mr. Yeung Kwok Keung together with the Country Garden Group
has donated hundreds of millions of RMB to charitable
organizations and schools in destitute mountainous areas.


  • Create liveable, safe and enjoyable environments for communities
  • Support community diversification and development
  • Provide care to people in need
  • Country Garden Australia is the Platinum Corporate Donor of Property Industry Foundation (PIF), who offer at risk and homeless young people a choice and hope for the future



While leading Country Garden to grow bigger and stronger,
promoting the regional urbanization and contributing to the
construction of the state, the founder of Country Garden Mr.
Yeung Kwok Keung also actively calls for sustainable charities,
which means through hemopoiesis charities, such as skill training
and providing job charities, such as skill training and career
development, to help the eliminate poverty permanently.

we are proud to
be involved with:

Working alongside the University of Technology Sydney to
provide scholarship, and proactively connecting Academia
with professional practice by offering communication seminars, 
field trips and internship opportunities. 



Equally important to achieving sustainability are decision-making processes and relationships between diverse cultures. When cultural diversity exists, humans have the opportunity to share knowledge and practices, interacting with each other to co-create solutions to problems where none appeared before. Country Garden Australia are constantly looking for innovative and novel ways to collaborate, share and learn.

we are proud to 
be involved with:

  • Building a bridge between Chinese and Australian arts and culture
    by enhancing communication
  • Multi-cultural development in Australia and working with organisations
    to protect and support the development of cultural diversity

Business &

Business & 

Country Garden Australia works to continually improve business and
environmental sustainability practices. Sustainability is integral to the
development of our company and we intend on constantly reviewing
and evolving our contribution to the lessening our impact on the
environment in order to create a better life for residents and
staff in the future.


Country Garden Australia works to continually improve
business and environmental sustainability practices through:

  • Career planning and self-improvement training
  • Advocate eco-friendly practices
  • Create a vibrant working environment


Country Garden Australia works to continually improve
business and environmental sustainability practices through:

  • Advocate eco-friendly practices
  • Developing an innovative and comfortable product.

In Australia


With bright ideas and plenty of goodwill, we partner with organisations and individuals around the world to do amazing things. To date we've been involved in:

  • Inspirational Partnerships
  • Financial Education
  • Nurturing Chinese and Australian inter-cultural collaboration
  • Sustainable Business Practices
  • Community Support


  • Soaring to the Sky
  • China-Australia Media Forum Sponsorship


  • My Green Story
  • Barton Shunde Cultural and Cuisine Festival 2015
  • 2015 China LPGA Tour? Australia Classic
  • Support 12 hour Endurecure Charity Ride for the Children?s Cancer Institute
  • Inaugural Charity Golf Day
  • Platinum Corporate Donor of Property Industry Foundation.