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What is
Country Garden?

What is Country Garden?

In 20 years, she has been a practitioner in China's urbanization across more than 300 cities, bringing modernization in the landscape, improving the quality of people's life.

Every place Country Garden created has become the spectacular scenery and a postcard of the city, with unforgettable gardening environment and first class property management that make people feel comfortable and safe.

The architecture and management of every new community should stand the test of history. Wherever Country Garden goes, she aims to build first-rate communities! Therefore, over 3 million people chose Country Garden as their homes.

Country Garden is a company listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2007,
a company with over 140 billion RMB in sales and over 12 billion RMB tax payment in 2015, and a company complying with laws and regulations.

Country Garden has over 70,000 employees, selling properties with fine finishes and decorations at an average price of only 6000 RMB/m², which is the lowest among the top-10 property developers in China. Country Garden endeavours to provide housing with the highest value-to-price ratio for the whole world.

Country Garden urges every employee to
hold on to the following faith and practise it wholeheartedly:
"To create a better society with our existence";
"To shape a prosperous future through our conscience and social responsibility."

Country Garden and its founders are dedicated to charitable activities with aggregate donations over 2.1 billion RMB.

This is Country Garden, a company constantly fighting for the development of a harmonious society.

Country Garden, five-star living for you.




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Donated to Charity


Corporate Philosophy

Value: To be a conscientious, responsible and sunshine enterprise

Corporate Mission: To create a better society with our existence

Corporate Spirit: Benefit both human and society

Operation Philosophy: Construct with heart, care for residents, and requite the society

Service Philosophy: Five-star living for you

Quality Principle: A high-qualified construction, a good model for living

Talent Concept: value talents based on virtue and ability

Corporate Vision: To be a dedicated and time-honored enterprise




Asia Pacific Property Awards 2014-2015 for leisure development, Malaysia


Asia Pacific Property Awards 2014-2015 for Commercial Landscape Architecture, Malaysia


Top 10 China's real estate brand


Acknowledged as a Forbes Asia's fabulous 30 company


CiHaf Award for Chinese new community development achievements


Most favorite 10 China real estate brands by Civil servants


Nominated as Chinese blue-chip real estate corporate


Top 10 in the list of best 500 Chinese real estate developers


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